Morocco / Sahara Desert

Although it has been a half a year since we embarked on this trip, I feel like we are constantly asked about Morocco. Typical questions I’ve been asked is…..Was it safe? How did you get around? What’s the easiest way to travel there? How was the food? Was there a language barrier? So, I figured […]

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Phoenix Aromas

The holidays are right around the corner and I have the perfect gift idea for y’all! ❤️ Phoenix Aromas is a charity business that uses organic soy wax mixed with coconut oil to make their candles and wax melts. The company was named after a Phoenix since they represent grace, transformation, and hope. These are […]

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Shimmer Lights

I love using my favorite Shimmer Lights Purple Shampoo from //

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Heat cure by Redken

NEW at the Glam Lounge @glamloungemiami – Redken Heatcure! This new innovated heating mask treatment helps restore hair to its healthy and shiny state.  The formula is activated by a special heating technology which helps seal the treatment from the hair cuticles up to the cortex. This treatment will benefit all hair types whether it’s […]

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New Year, Same Me! 

Happy New Years y’all! I seriously can’t get over how fast 2017 went by. It was a year that held so many beautiful memories for me that I will cherish for a lifetime. One of the biggest highlights was marrying my high school sweetheart. We looked forward to the day for years and it flew […]

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Gratitude & Happiness

Gratitude and Happiness After finishing today’s yoga class I was left with a new sense of showing my gratitude. My amazing instructor always ends the class with a positive quote to get you thinking and today’s quote did just that. I decided to look up the exact definition for gratitude. Gratitude, the quality of being […]

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