Luke’s Lobster in Brickell City Centre!

Are you looking for a fresh lobster roll in Miami? If so, you must check out Luke’s Lobster at the Brickell City Centre. I loved the Bostonian vibe from the minute I walked into the eatery. It totally reminded me of being up north and had me craving a nice big lobster sandwich. The menu features shrimp, crab, and lobster rolls along with salads, soups and other tasty options. I loved that when you go inside it has a sign featuring exactly where the fresh seafood comes from daily. In our case, the lobster we ate on that day was from Friendship Harbor, ME.


Since we got there right when they opened we had the honor of being their first customer of the day!
Northern Eatery Vibes
Luke’s Lobster in Brickell City Centre


EPIC Lobster Roll!

I was so impressed with this place that I decided to look up the history and find out some background information because like many things I wonder why I didn’t come up with this concept FIRST! Luke’s Lobster opened their first shack in East Village, NY in 2009. Since then they’ve been known for their traceable and sustainable seafood. They currently have 23 shacks opened. You can find a Luke’s Lobster in New York, Miami, Maryland, Maine, Las Vegas, Chicago, Boston, Philly, New Jersey and last but not least JAPAN. The one thing I loved about this place was that they don’t doctor the roll up with tons of MAYO. Instead, it’s full of fresh lobster, butter, lemon and a sprinkle of seasoning. Exactly all the things you’d want in a lobster roll.

Lastly, they are known for their HAPPY HOUR too! Is this sign not the cutest thing or what??? IMG_3272

I definitely can’t wait to go back here again and possibly try their Luke’s Trio (featuring their 3 famous rolls: lobster, shrimp and crab) or a Lobster grilled cheese (available only in the winter time).

Wishing ya’ll a fantastic week and let me know when you check out this amazing place!!!



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