Floral INC Dress from Macy’s!

Dresses!!! They’re my favorite outfit to wear to work or out with friends. It’s classy and girly. I found an amazing deal a week ago when I went to Macy’s to “walk around” but ended up actually shopping. We all know that when Macy’s is hosting a family & friends event, there is always room to shop a lot and SAVE BIG. Well, that’s exactly what I did and I found a gem.

I found myself a floral dress from INC which was originally $90 but on sale that day for $25!!! THANK YOU MACYS!

I love the simplicity of this dress and the fact that I can dress it up a little by wearing some wedges.


P.S:My advice to you is to make sure you find out the dates of Macy’s next family/friends event. You won’t be disappointed!



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