the face behind “stephisticated”

The creator behind [stephisticated]

Hello there! As you may already know my name is Stephanie and I’m the face behind *Stephisticated*. You’re probably wondering why I’d be creating a lifestyle blog, but my question to you is “Why not?” I’m a teacher who finds joy in living life and sharing that same enthusiasm with the people who surround me. I wanted to create a blog to talk about everything I love……… I know that’s pretty wide ranged but I figure if you’re not into one thing maybe you’ll be into the next thing I write about. So what do I love….

I love my fiancé. (My soon to be husband this year in November, I’ll be doing other posts on him, so stay tuned.)

I love my family. (Only-Child Syndrome, so my parents are my backbone. #blessed)

I love my dog, Penelope Joy.

I love my friends. (Although I could probably count them on my two hands, they’re basically the coolest people GOD ever created. Less is MORE, that’s my motto.)

I love my job and appreciate each child for who they are. Nothing is better than seeing children’s faces learn new topics or ideas. Their energy keeps me YOUNG.

I love traveling. OHHHHH, I really love this and can’t wait to talk about some of the coolest places I’ve been to thus far and where I plan to go in the near future.

I love working out and feel so grateful to be able to have the ability and health to do so.

I love to eat, ironically that’s why I probably work out.

I love my makeup and makeup artist, Elvi. She’s actually the one who did my makeup in this photo. (follow her on instagram : @stylemeelvi )

I love hair, the blonder the better.

I love photography and the moments captured in a flash. No matter how much time has passed part of it has paused in that photo for a lifetime. SO COOL. Oh and I know some really amazing photographers, some will be featured in this blog.

I love fashion, who doesn’t love a new outfit & shoes?

All in all, I love a lot of things. What’s not to love about life?

Can’t wait to share some of my favorite things and hear your feedback!

Until the next post…





8 thoughts on “the face behind “stephisticated”

  1. I am so excited for all your tips finally!! Thanks for always helping me with my makeup and now I feel like I have you with me!!!


  2. Look forward to following you ! Love ❤️ u and the positive vibe you shower the world with ! Congrats ! 🍾


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